Fund4lyfe Mentorship

Joe and Lisa offer a mentorship program to entrepreneurs that aims to support and teach them when it comes to business financing and Real-Estate Wholesaling and Investing. This will help business owners to create cashflow that can help them fund their life. With more than a decade of experience, the couple wants to share their expertise for people to scale up and grow.

Lisa will guide you when it comes to business financing. She will help you set up your business credit profile that will help you establish and get business credit that can be used to scale up.

Lisa Ebanks

CEO & Founder, FUnd4lyfe Business Academy

Joe will guide and teach you when it comes to Wholesaling and Investing. Backed up with years of making huge deals, He will help people understand Real-Estate business to a whole new level.

Joe Ebanks

Co-Founder, Fund4lyfe Business Academy

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